Firstborn Sonship of Christ

The New Birth


      This is Volume Two of a number of fairly small volumes on the subject of the firstborn sonship of Christ. The basis for the books is the resurrection birth of Christ, which demonstrated a divine birth from Christ's human body of the first Adam into the spirit (heavenly, divine) body that Christ created in His resurrection. In His resurrection, Christ created a new kind of divine human being, and became the Second Adam and forerunner of a new kind of divine human race, which God has predestined to be preeminent above all creation and joint heirs of all things together with Christ.
      The first five volumes will draw from the New Testament, then perhaps another two, three, or more volumes will draw from the rich background of the Old Testament types, ceremonies, and scriptures in which God has hidden many treasures of the mystery of godliness. The theme, the harmony, and the flow of the firstborn sonship of Christ through both Old and New Testaments is awesome, and requires that we recognize this as the central and undergirding theme of the whole canon of sacred Scriptures.
      Each reader is urgently requested to read Volume One before reading this or other volumes in this series. Volume One provides a unique and vital portrait of the resurrection birth of this new creation. You will be enriched by reading these volumes in sequential order. Sharrel Ford, January 2001

Printed: April 2001