Firstborn Sonship of Christ

Volume Five

The New Birth


      This is Volume Five on the Firstborn Sonship of Christ. The basis for these books is the resurrection, instantaneous, metamorphous birth of the human body of Christ, which demonstrated a divine birth from Christ's human body of the first Adam into the spirit, heavenly, divine, body that Christ created in His resurrection birth. In His resurrection, Christ created a divine human body, and became the Second Adam and forerunner of a new kind of divine mankind, which God has predestined to be joint heirs of all things together with Christ.
      The major emphasis through this series of books is that the new birth, 1) does not take place upon the first act of repentance and faith in God and Christ, but in the resurrection and return of Christ, 2) only the faithful covenant people will be born again into a divine oneness with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 3) the faithful covenant people are pre-destined to be a special nation of firstborn sons, 4) the covenant people are found only in Israel and in true local churches that hold to the doctrine of Christ, and 5) the unfaithful covenant people and saved people outside the covenants will constitute nations of servant sons, who are sons but will not be firstborn sons.
      When we build a house, we start with the foundation and build up to the roof. The roof is the last part in the framing of the house(NOT ANY MORE??). We do not start with the roof first. Each reader is urged to read the first four volumes before reading this volume and the volumes that follow.

Printed in May of 2002