Firstborn Sonship of Christ

The New Birth


      This book will serve as Volume One of a series of volumes on the subject of the firstborn sonship of Christ. The basis for the books is the resurrection birth of Christ which demonstrated a divine and instantaneous metamorphosis from Christ's human body of the first Adam into the spirit (heavenly, divine) body that Christ created in His resurrection. In His resurrection, Christ created a new kind of human body, and became the Second Adam and forerunner of a new kind of human race, a divine human race, which God has appointed to be joint heirs of all things together with Christ.
      The first five volumes will draw from the New Covenant (New Testament), while additional volumes will be drawn from the rich foundation background of the Old Testament Scriptures. The theme, the harmony, and the flow of the firstborn sonship of Christ through both Old and New Testaments is awesome and requires that we recognize this as the central and undergirding theme of the whole canon of sacred Scriptures.
      These volumes are dedicated to those who are constantly hungering and thirsting after God's righteousness, which can be obtained only in a proper and faithful covenant relationship with God. In this age, that means the firstborn sonship of Christ can be obtained only in a true local church, whose history began with the baptism of John in its preparatory stage. It has continued under God's protective care in the form of true local churches through the raging storms of persecutions during this church age, and will by God's grace be found in deified form at the end of the tribulation wrath of the Antichrist when Christ returns.
      May the unsearchable riches of Christ be abundantly granted to those who diligently read and study His Word with open minds to prove what God has divinely hidden within His covenants for the meek and lowly in heart, Mt 11:28-30. Sharrel Ford, May 2000. (Reprint, March 2001)