Firstborn Sonship of Christ

Volume Six Chapter One
The New Birth


      This is Volume Six in the series on the firstborn sonship of Christ. The first five volumes draw from the New Testament, and provide a foundation and a proper Scripture-based approach to the study of the "new birth." This volume and the next three or four volumes provide a "new birth" introduction to the Old Testament. Special emphasis is increasingly placed on the Bible covenants as "last will and testaments." This should provide a clearer and fuller understanding of the Scriptures, and an ever growing appreciation of God's purpose in the firstborn sonship of Christ.
      This series of volumes will continue with the intent of pointing out the inherent "new birth" nature in the many types, sacrifices, cleansing ceremonies, feasts, etc., throughout the Old and New Testaments. Our sincere prayers go with these writings that God will continue to richly bless the understanding of each reader.

March 2003