God's covenant (or covenants) with the angels is, of course, a part of the everlasting covenant between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit before creation. A study of the angels is very interesting and instructive; however, at best, it leaves many unanswered questions. Observe some facts that produce questions:

  1. There Are at Least Four Kinds of Righteous Angels.
    1. Cherubim, of which there appears to be three kind.
      1. Rev 4 & 5. Some cherubim have one face, six wings, and full of eyes in front, in back, and all over their wings, Rev 4.
      2. Ezek 1. Some cherubim have four faces, four wings, four hands, and beside each cherub is another living creature (angel) with the appearance of a wheel within a wheel whose rims are full of eyes all around signifying an intelligent being -- a companion angel: like “a rider and his horse,” “a man and his dog,” or best of all “a man and his wife” or “Christ and His bride.” Could this wheel within a wheel be as a fiery chariot and horse to each cherub? The spirit of the cherub is in the wheel synchronizing every thought and emotional impulse of both.
      3. Some cherubim have one face and two wings, Exo 25, 26; 1Ki 6, 7, 8. The cherubim in every case are nearest the throne of God.
    2. Twenty-four elders who are NOT human, but are angels, Rev 4 & 5; Dan 7:9-10. They sang together with the four cherubim that Christ died and by His blood redeemed and prepared kings and priests from all nations. There is other proof that these are angels, and not human.
    3. Seraphim, seen in Isa 6:2,6 with six wings, one face, hands and feet.
    4. Angels such as Michael (Dan 10:13,21; 12:1) and Gabriel, Luk 1:19,26. In Michael's army are angels with horses and chariots of fire, 2Ki 2:11; 6:17; Psa 68:17. Could each fiery horse and chariot be an intelligent living creature or creatures -- companion angels? That sounds absurd, but so does a wheel within a wheel with rims full of eyes.
  2. There Are Many Kinds of Fallen Angels (Devils, Demons).
    1. Cherubim, Satan was an "anointed cherub that covereth" (a guardian angel) in the Government of God before he sinned, Eze 28:13-16; Isa 14:12-14; Gen 3:24; Ex 25:18-22; Eze 1; Rev 3 & 4.
    2. Angels who sinned, were shut up in Tartarus in chains of darkness until their judgment, and were not granted the wicked liberties (by covenant) that Satan and other fallen angels have till Christ returns, II Pet 2:4; Jude 6. We are provided no description of these fallen angels. Their current confinement indicates their sin to have been different and greater than others, though the description of Satan and his sin would appear to be greater than all others.
    3. Demons such as we see in the Gospels which Jesus and the apostles cast out of people. These demons or fallen angels appear to be disembodied spirits who are always seeking a body (Mar 5; Luk 11:24-26) which does not appear to be true with other fallen angels. These demons immediately recognize Christ as the Son of God through His human body, are fully aware of His majesty and power, and know that the time of their judgment has not yet come.
    4. The countless number of locust-like fallen angels of Rev 9:1-11. These are fallen angels (demons) who have been shut up in hell (the bottomless pit) and will be released under the fifth trumpet to be used by Satan and the Antichrist to aid in subjugating the whole world under the rule of Satan and the Antichrist. The first six trumpets pertain to the "strong delusion" (2Th 2:9-12) which God will send upon the world under the wrath of the Antichrist -- the last half of Daniel's 70th week. The first six trumpets are God's signal to Satan and the Antichrist that they have permission to execute the specified activities under each trumpet in order to deceive and then to force the world to accept the Antichrist as God. This is a "strong delusion" or deception from God because the world refuses to accept the love of God that they may be saved and be saved with full covenant salvation, 2Th 2:9-12.
    5. The two hundred million rider-and-horse pairing of fallen angels of Rev 9:16-19. The language here is taken to be literal, not figurative. These likewise are fallen angels and evidently are currently shut up in the bottomless pit to be released under the sixth trumpet for the same purpose as the locust-like fallen angels; of the fifth trumpet.
    6. There are fallen angels that have the shape of frogs, "unclean spirits like frogs.....spirits of demons," Rev 16:13-14. These minister to Satan, the Antichrist, and the false prophet, and are perhaps chiefs of three large groups of such unclean spirits since they will perform quite a task: "For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty,"Rev 16:14.
  3. Angels Were Created and Existed for Some Time BEFORE the Earth was Created, Job 38:4-7. Angels are called "sons of God" in the book of Job (1:6; 2:1), and these are angels because MAN DID NOT YET EXIST when the earth was being created and fashioned as described in this context, Job 38:4-7.
  4. Satan Sinned Before Adam Sinned, Gen 3:1-7. However, sin and death did not enter the world through Satan (not even through Eve, Gen 3:1-7), but through Adam, Rom 5:12. This world was put under the dominion of Adam (Gen 1:26-30; 2:19), and had he as the first Adam made the right choice by eating of the tree of life, sin and all its effects would never have entered the world. Satan was not of Adam's world, was not under Adam's authority, and had to obtain permission from God in the court of heaven to tempt Adam and Eve, just as he does now even after usurping Adam's authority whereby Adam and his world fell under Satan's authority, Job 1 & 2; Luk 22:31-32; 1Jo 5:19; Eph 2:2; 6:12; 2Co 4:4.
  5. The Angels Were Likely Not All Created at the Same Time. There is no scripture stating or indicating that all the angels were created at the same time. To the contrary, there appears to be sufficient reason to believe they may have been created at different times and some under different circumstances.
  6. Other Questions About Fallen Angels:
    1. Why are some fallen angels shut up in prison until the judgment (2Pe 2:4; Jud 6), while others have authority to rule under Satan's authority, freedom to enter in before the throne of God, roam the earth, tempt, harass, and bring about the destruction of much of mankind?
    2. Why are some demons more powerful than others, Mat 17:21.
    3. Why are some demons more wicked than others? Luk 11:26.
    4. Why are some demons deaf and mute? Mar 9:25.
    5. Why are some demons always looking for a body as a dwelling place? Mar 5; Luk 11:24-26.
    6. Why do the demons or fallen angels of Rev 9:1-11 have defensive and offensive weapons such as stings like scorpions, flesh-tearing teeth as a lion, breastplates of iron prepared for battle, have victor's crowns on their heads, and their king is the angel of the bottomless pit called Destroyer -- evidently Satan himself?
    7. Why do the two hundred million demons or fallen angels of Rev 9:15-19 also have defensive and offensive weapons such as the ability to kill by ejecting fire, smoke, and brimstone from their mouths, and have heads on their tails by which they do great harm? This says nothing of the destructive features their riders no doubt have. Obviously neither group of fallen angels in Rev 9 had these destructive features while in their initially created state, for that would address death on a warring and violent basis before they sinned.
      A general though brief description of the ministry of angels is that they are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to the heirs of covenant salvation, Heb 1:14; 2:5-8. Does Heb 1:7,14 include the righteous angels only, or does it include the initial purpose of God in creating all the angels, which grand and glorious purpose was forfeited by Satan and the many orders of fallen angels when they sinned?


        God's covenant offer to the angels was obviously tendered in the form of, 1) God's giving His counsel or instructions concerning the covenant, the covenant promises, and the covenant work description for the angels, and 2) God's command to the angels to perform the covenant work. Again, to obey the command was to accept the covenant offer, while not to obey the command would have been to reject the covenant offer, which happened to Satan and his angels.
        Not all the covenant information was given to the angels, as we see in 1Pe 1:10-12, yet the angels can read and know all our languages. They know what Heb 1:14; 2:5-9; 1Co 6:2-3; 3:21-23; and other such scriptures say. They obviously know that God's covenant ministry for them is that they are destined to be very powerful, wise, and unique ministers to the faithful covenant people who will be united together as joint-heirs with Christ in His firstborn sonship in the ages to come, Heb 1:14; 2:5-9.
        From these and companion passages that show the angels always ministering to or on behalf of the covenant people, it appears reasonable to believe that God revealed to the angels long ago that He was raising up out of fallen, sinful mankind a super race of firstborn covenant people to share Christ's firstborn sonship and jointly inherit and rule "ALL things" together with Christ eternally, Heb 1:2; 1Co 3:21-23; Rom 4:13,16; 8:17,32. This super human, super race of firstborn sons will be greater, grander, more powerful, more magnificent, more majestic in every way than the mighty and glorious angels of God themselves.

  1. Covenant Work Description.
    These work statements are not found as such in the covenants, but are gleaned from the whole of the Scriptures. God did not give us an A,B,C, step by step easy to understand outline or guideline, graduating from the simple to the complex and deeper understanding of the Scriptures. If that sounds strange, then consider how many around us are not finding the truth. See how many are stumbling over scriptural water baptism -- how many so-called Christians, how many Landmark Baptists. How many of us agree on baptism or one step beyond? How many Landmark Baptists distrust and even hate each other, while boldly disregarding the warnings against hating one another?
    1. God's Part of the Covenant Work.
      1. Give the covenant work description to the angels, whose work is ministering to God, to Christ, and to the covenant people, 2Ki 6:17; Job 1:6; 2:1; Psa 103:20; Eze 28:13-16; Dan 7:9-10; 9:21: 12:1; Mat 18:10; 2Th 1:7-9; Heb 1:14; Rev 4 & 5.
      2. Provide the angels with a choice, as He later did with Adam and Eve, 2Pe 2:4; Jud 6; Gen 2 & 3. God created the angels, as intelligent moral beings with the power of choice, which required they be tested for faith, worship, and obedience to God or the opposite. Obviously all the angels were tested, as the following evidences reveal:
        1. A vast number of angels of different kinds made the wrong choice, perhaps at different times, by rebelling against their covenant with God. Such could not have happened had not God given them the specific command to obey and the clear understanding that to disobey would break the covenant and bring disastrous consequences. God is never caught by surprise because He knew everything from the beginning regardless of how small or insignificant it is. He has created all angels and mankind with the power to choose to obey or disobey Him and has required that they do so.
        2. Satan, as Lucifer, was perfect in all his ways until sin was found in him, Eze 28:13. Satan chose to disobey and resist God.
        3. Angels did not keep their assigned domain (principality, authority, rule), but left their habitation in rebellion against God, evidently under Satan's deceitful leadership, Jud 6. This was their choice and they will be punished eternally for it.
        4. Demons know that they have made the wrong choice, have disobeyed God, and that they will be eternally punished for their rebellion, Mat 8:29; Mar 5:7: Luk 8:28.
        5. The righteous angels made the right choice and are constituted righteous and evidently unable to sin because they steadfastly believed, worshiped, and obeyed God, rather than disbelieve, disobey, and rebel against God.
      3. Establish the court of heaven which includes the angels, Dan 7:9-10; Rev 4 & 5. The requirements for the court of heaven were already included in the covenant between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Act 2:23; 17:24; 1Co 2:9; Eph 1:4,9,11; 3:9,11; 2Ti 1:9; Tit 1:2; Heb 1:10; 4:3; 1Pe 1:2,20; Rev 13:8; 17:8.
      4. Reward the angels who made the right choice by placing them into the state of being which they now possess and into the positions of authority and service in which they now stand, Heb 1:13-14; Rev 4 & 5; Dan 7:9-10; 8:16; 12:1.
      5. Assign some of the righteous angels to be guardians of the throne of God: God is almighty, invincible, and therefore needs no protection, but certain angels were and are assigned this ministry, while Michael and his angels as an angelic army are assigned as protectors of the covenant people; each covenant person has one or more guardian angels assigned to him or her, Dan 12:1; Jud 9; 2Ki 6:8-17. Then, Gabriel and his angels are assigned as instructors of the covenant people (Dan 8:16; 9:21; Luk 1:19,26), and sometimes a broader ministry, Dan 10:12-13,20-21.
      6. Place some of the fallen angels into the waiting status in which we now see them, Jude 6. Some of these will be released out of hell to perform certain predetermined activities during the great tribulation, Rev 9:1-11,12-20.
      7. Use Satan and many fallen angels within a detailed covenant framework to demonstrate the excellencies of His person, His majesty, authority, and power over Satan and all evil forces, and the exceeding sinfulness of sin and its inevitable destructive nature.
    2. The Angel's Part of the Covenant Work.
      1. Believe, love, adore, worship, and obey God -- Without question, by virtue of who God is, angels were required to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, just as man is required to do, Mat 22:37; Mar 12:30; Luk 10:27.
      2. Perform the covenant work God gave them to do, which some performed faithfully, but others performed only for a while then disobeyed and sinned, 2Pe 2:4.
      3. The angels had habitations which implies a covenant work performance, an interaction of dwelling together in faith, love, truth, and unity, Jud 6.
      4. Minister before God in various capacities perhaps as we see them doing now, Dan 7:9-10; Rev 4 & 5. Satan was a cherub, a guardian angel before he sinned, Eze 28:11-19.
      5. Ultimately to minister to the covenant people as they are doing now and will do in the future after the covenant people are glorified, Heb 1:14.
  2. God Commands the Angels to Begin Covenant Work Performance
        The Father gave counsel by presenting the work description to the angels and then commanding them to begin and continue the work performance. This is obvious in all the covenants, especially in the later covenants. It is obvious here because Satan, as Lucifer, functioned orderly for some period of time within his very high and assigned position in the "holy mountain" or "government" of God, he "walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire," and as the Scriptures still say to Satan, "You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, till iniquity was found in you," Eze 28:13-17. Also, the angels of Jude 6 obviously functioned properly within their assigned principalities and dwelt in their habitation for a period of time before they rebelled against God.


        The righteous angels accepted God's offer and began performing the covenant work as instructed in the covenant. What ultimately determined the right choice of the angels the Bible does not specifically say. Very obviously they believed, worshiped, and obeyed God similarly as they do now, and remained obedient to God as they were, refused to join the rebellion of Satan, and were no doubt used to throw Satan out of the government of God as seen in Luk 10:18 and Rev 12:9-10. He will be cast out again in the middle of Daniel's seventieth week, Rev 12:7-10; Dan 7:25; 9:27; Rev 13.


        God is perfect in righteousness, Mat 5:48. All His ways, His works, and indeed His Word (in Its entirety) express His covenants and are all righteous and perfect altogether. "...God is light and in Him is no darkness at all," 1Jo 1:5; Psa 18:30,32; 19:7.


        God is righteous and will require us to do only what we are able to do (1Co 10:13; Phi 4:13), except as under the Law Covenant when God required Israel to keep the Law Covenant perfectly in order to awaken them to the fact that they were already enslaved to sin and were therefore utterly unable to correct their sinful condition. All the angels were able to perform the covenant work and have done so from the beginning except those angels who chose to rebel against God.


        Every covenant has promises, therefore the covenant with the angels had promises; however, those promises were quite different from the promises in the covenants of redemption of the covenant people. We do not know in precise detail what those promises were, but they had to do with the position, power, authority, knowledge, glory, and ministry each angel now possesses.
        The angels who did not sin were permanently constituted righteous and unable to sin, which was evidently a huge part of their goal-awareness (what they were striving for) while being tested.
        A part of their victory (which constituted a promise) was to remain in or gain the immeasurably high and powerful positions which they now hold. Satan was an anointed cherub from which position, power, and dignity he was partially destroyed when he sinned, Eze 28:11-19. Satan still has great power and a government by reason of the covenant God has with him -- see next chapter. However, Satan’s final destruction is predetermined also by God’s covenants.
        Another part of their victory (which constituted a promise) was to be permanent ministers (guardian angels and instructors; 2Ki 6:8-17; Dan 8:16; 12:1) to the covenant people which God is now preparing, Heb 1:14. Ministering to the covenant people is also a major part of what Satan lost and rebelled against when he sinned, Heb 1:14.


        This was not a covenant of redemption since the angels had not sinned and were not sinners when the covenant was made with them. Therefore the covenant was ratified by the angels accepting the covenant offer and beginning performance by simply doing what God commanded them to do -- believing, worshiping God, and performing the covenant work as stipulated.